• Tencent Cloud, the cloud service business of China’s largest Internet company, announced its full entry into Web3.
• The firm has struck deals with leading Web3 brands such as Ankr, Avalanche, Scroll, and Sui.
• Tencent Cloud is developing a suite of blockchain API services and debuting the Tencent Cloud Metaverse in-a-Box offering to improve the experience of virtual users and online developers.

Tencent Cloud Enters Web3

Tencent Holdings’ cloud service provider, Tencent Cloud, has announced its interest and entry into web3 on Feb. 22 at the Global Web3 Summit. The company will target key pillars of Web3 including storage, security, identity, data, and analytics.

Collaborations with Leading Brands

Tencent Cloud has partnered with leading Web3 companies to spearhead its virtual operations. It signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Ankr to develop blockchain API services. It also announced an alliance with Avalanche to deploy nodes on Tencent Cloud for easy setup by developers. Additionally it collaborated with Skroll and Sui to strengthen its presence in the Web3 space.

New Virtual Experiences

The cloud service provider plans to launch new virtual experiences in the Web3 ecosystem through a suite of blockchain API services as well as debuting the Tencent Cloud Metaverse in-a-Box offerings for improved user experience for both virtual users and online developers alike.

Motivations Behind Move

Senior Vice President Poshu Yeung acknowledged that significant potential exists where physical and digital worlds meet during his statement at the summit event signifying that this was one of their motivations behind entering web3 space due to increased global demand for virtual experiences from brands organizations companies and governments alike .


Tencent’s move into web 3 space is set to create massive impact on both private sector businesses as well as governments by providing them access to enhanced virtual experiences through its suite of blockchain API services as well as quickly deployed nodes on Tencent’s cloud platform which will be incredibly beneficial for developers looking for quick turnaround times when setting up projects .